Corporate Gifts that are #TrendingNow Corporate Gifts that are #TrendingNow | Corporate Gifts In Nepal

The concept of corporate gifting has come a long way from what it was, to begin with. From gift baskets full of chocolates to a gift voucher, this industry has gone through a tectonic shift. These are the corporate gifts that are #TrendingNow.


1. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are on the rise as both a personal gift as well as a professional one. The liquidity and flexibility that comes along with it are rather liberating for the recipient to spend wisely. Modern-day gift vouchers range from e-commerce to food coupons, electronics, eLearning, home décor, and whatnot.


2. Perks

Perquisites form a substantial part of an employee’s benefits package. These non-wage compensatory schemes are easier to run when there’s a points-based rewarding system in place as your troops can choose whatever they want from the catalogue at bay.


3. Experiences

What would you reminisce more—a silver gift pen from a colleague 20 years back or a three-day trip to your favorite holiday destination? Experiences are the better gift option—even in corporate gifting—by a mile. From tours and getaways to solo trips, heritage tours to adventure rides, and everything around it, the points-based rewarding system gives the recipient a chance to take their pick on what kind of experience they yearn for. Could there be a better gift?


4. Health and Wellness

With a rise in health awareness in the youth, health and wellness are a budding category. A points-based reward system takes care of it along with other options to give the recipients a taste of what they can get in the health and wellness section.


5. Gift Boxes

Some things never go out of fashion, do they? Gift boxes are one such commodity that is still considered to be a timeless classic in the world of corporate gifting.


6. Merchandise

Merchandise has evolved from a gifting mechanism to a promotional accessory. Those cool hoodies, water bottles, laptop sleeves, pens, hats, and whatnot are still leading the way in the form of gift bags and welcome kits.


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