Things to do in Valentine’s Week We can feel the air to be a bit different the moment February comes.

We can feel the air to be a bit different the moment February comes. The whole year might not seem to slow down but it takes decades to wait for 14th February after entering this month, especially when we are intending to plan a surprise for our loved one. There are plenty of ways we can sweep them off their feet but is that all we are looking for? Love is the most over-rated and misunderstood concept when it comes to what we have been exposed through various distorted idea of it. If we really love someone, won’t we give it necessary attention and care to that particular person? Won’t we spend quality time with them and understand them slowly and gradually? How about their pace when it comes to entering relationship? Whatever we have been told what love is, at least we have an innate feeling that it’s delicate and precious to our heart. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and without it we are nothing but empty vessels. It is so valuable that St. Valentine took a risk of his life. And a special day has been dedicated specifically for love to be celebrated. We understand the significance of its essence, hence here are a few ideas to make it memorable:


1)Flower Splash: As flowers take time to bloom into a splendor of colours and fragrance, so is love. Rose being a marvellous symbol of this sweet emotion, is as popular as love itself. Present them a bouquet of fresh flowers and see how a smile arises on their innocent face.


2)Chocolate treat: Well, aren’t we aware of the craving we have for chocolates. A gift that could be eaten and shared - a delicious way of experiencing love. A whole bouquet of chocolates have a long lasting affect of the sugar high.


3)Romantic dinner: We have dinner every night but isn’t it awesome that a regular thing can be turned into a celebration with a touch of ambience. Taking your partner to a romantic dinner is not only a delicious treat but also an opportunity to spend quality time together.


4)Secret Staycation: A world within a world of our own. A secret garden of love, away from usual hustle bustle of life, where you can relax and surrender to the peace of togetherness. Take them to a well needed break, on a romantic staycation filled with comfort and luxury. A good place to have endless conversation for it starts with a small conversation, growing into intimacy and co-dependence of each others’ presence.


5)Customized gifts: Your precious person will be thrilled to have something that has a personalized touch to it. Such as a photo frame with memories of you both share, their favourite cake, coffee mugs, a teddy bear that they can hug when you are not around, a bunch of cards with your loving words and last but not the least your dedicated time with them.


6)Home theatre: Going out to watch a movie doesn’t give privacy and space. How about a theatre set up at home or in a backyard, with popcorn and wine, watching your favourite list of romantic movies in each others’ company and no one around.


7)Adventure outing: If your partner is adventurous kind, take them out for one of a kind thrill trip. Be it bungee-jumping or trekking or in hot balloon up in the air, they will definitely love it since it’s what suits them well. Adrenaline rush and love form good company.


8)Virtual proposal: Propose them virtually when they least expect it. Send a tab through someone and ask them to watch a video of you with what you want to express. Say those words straight from the heart and while they try to gather themselves together, make an appearance - a surprise over the other is like cherry on the cake.


9)Couple t-shirts: Colourful t-shirts with slogans that define you both or their pet statement or with picture of you both. There are plenty of ways to wear your identity together.


10)Live plants: If they are nature loving, they will love this too. Gift them live plants in earthen pot that they can nourish everyday like they nourish the love you share.


11)Pet parcel: Are they a dog person or a cat person? If you know them well, you would definitely be aware of what will make them happier - a pup or a kitten. Science says it’s healthy to have pets. Gift them one and watch for yourself.


There are plenty of ways to make them feel special. You just have to choose one. Valentine’s day is an opportunity to give them an experience of a lifetime. But this does not mean that rest of the days are not. Everyday is special when you are together, everyday is a building block for a more stable relationship and as you grow older together, everyday becomes more beautiful.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

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