Be the star you are Never again you will happen the same way you happen to be in this life.

Stars - Plenty and unique,

Shining through the dark sky,

Together they are a galaxy,

Still away from each other,

Together they decorate the endless night,

With their shimmering, pleasant light,

Can you tell which star is better,

Can you stop a supernova,

Can you predict when they will shoot ahead,

Leaving a dimming trail behind.


Never again you will happen the same way you happen to be in this life. Let’s just leave aside what everyone has told us about ourselves, what we have been believing us to be and what description we have been telling ourselves in our mind and aloud to people like a tape recorder. Can you predict how high a tide will be, how fast a cloud will flow and what course a river will take? All these are part of life and life is spontaneous. If we are life how can we not know our innate nature of spontaneity.

Do you have any memory of yourself when you were born? It was when we started learning language in bits and pieces, we started relating to things around us and hence we started accumulating memories. People would say things to us and somehow we started believing what we are. The way our closed ones defined us, the astrology that we read, the conditioning of mind done through various psychological, social, personal factors, and last but not the least the self talk we do put us in a framework of limited beliefs. These beliefs create a concrete wall around us. It’s like a prison we willingly submit into. How long can we live inside a closed room? It’s essential to come out of our own imprisonment and bath in sunlight to nourish our soul.


There’s no guarantee of life, no one knows when they are going to die. One thing we are sure of is that one day we all will die. This piece of life that we constantly keep judging will vanish like smoke in the air some fine day. We forget the importance of the life we have - the only life we have, because of which we experience all of sorts of things, because of what we have tasted deliciousness, smelt fragrance, seen beauty, heard wisdom, experienced love, something which has given everything to us, is not mere a bunch of memories that we use to create a self image. So are we truly alive? Most importantly, are we fearless enough to be the real us? Living out of our true nature is the true power. When you are not afraid to be who you are, when you are not apologetic for being you, it’s then when you start infusing your life with happiness. Nobody is going to live for you. Then why do we have to be apologetic for being ourselves. Who are we trying to prove? Who is perfect, who is taking a count on who is better? The inspiring people are the ones who were not afraid to look into their own true nature and accept it. The duality in us exists when there is a discrepancy in us of what we think ourselves to be and what we really are. And till the difference exists, we will suffer. Where everything around us and inside us is changing, holding on to beliefs about us is like trying to sail with the anchor hooked to the shore. It will get us nowhere but stagnant in a swampy shore - the more we push, deeper we will sink.


Let go of that shore. Set yourself free and wild in the unknown terrain of your life. Go with it to wherever it takes you. For it is here to take you to an incredible elixir of experience. The beauty itself is ‘not knowing’ for knowing will kill the charm. The excitement what is to come ahead is the propeller and just be the star you are, transforming every minute, everyday till you are alive, till you burst out like a Supernova.

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