The One “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

It was warm inside the blanket, cozy and sleepiness creeping through my curled up feet trolled across my lower back, relaxing my ears, settled at the lids of my eyes making it drowsier just enough to send me into a deep slumber.

It was quite strange place, someone was behind me that I couldn’t see. No matter where I turn, that particular thing attached to my spine, although not an ounce of attachment was felt, was hidden behind and wouldn’t be seen at any cost. I started exploring the new dreamy world where I could see I was on a piece of cloth. The corners were tied to many flying balloons. It was a cliff and the whole set up carried me above and above till I reached the end of the Cliff. I was flying. It was scary. Due to no strong and stable base, I felt as if I will fall off the cliff anytime. It seemed adventurous though, I could feel the adrenaline rush pumping my heart into an endless speeding steam engine like. I knew one small mistake in maintaining balance on such an unbalanced base and I am dead. I could feel that thing behind me and it’s temperature drastically changing. And I woke up.

It was a dream, scary one but somehow it felt like truth. I was emotionally tired too. How could a dream make you tired. I took a deep breath followed by curious awareness. What is it that throws you of the cliff, flying, strings attached to you, which exists in your spine but you can’t see it, something that is a risk. It feels good and chilling at the same time. And a voice with no sound struck my heart - Love.

I pondered over it… a lot. Being an extremist, I always doubted my love towards the other person and vis-a-versa. It is all or nothing. How can love be not extreme breaking all the social norms and taboos and painless. If someone gives into the society over what he/she truly wants, despite of knowing that it’s just one life and no one else is going to live for us, no one else feels the pain. On what ground do we give others the right to decide the better half, ‘The One’ for us, with whom we just don’t travel the physical world but also tread through the lanes of an unknown terrains. Nothing scares us when we are together and nothing feels right when we are apart. If and only if we are truly dedicated and in love can we experience true love boundlessly. Choosing a partner with brains over heart is as dead as the loveless night next to someone who fitted our and our family’s checklist after lot of window shopping, at last one thing we could buy, a mutual interest of so called give and take love. It’s just a contract with a series of terms and conditions.

How can we not be mad enough to be mad together? Because we were not crazy enough, courageous enough to be with someone we were so sure of is ‘The One’ and let the mediocrity of society to poison our heart with ancient beliefs that can only dull the charm of our soul and make us as if we are on some psychiatric medicines - it calms but you eventually become a zombie. And tell me, isn’t it funny to be able to be blind to such a widespread disease, we all are willing to give into just for the sake of appreciation by the crowd. What if we aren’t the crowd, what if we are the rockstars we came here to be, to live our life as if this is the first and last time we can happen in this universe - what if there is no rebirth, a second chance. Someone who is going to cross your path only once and never again, so much to let the person go at the cost of your own life. That is the real falling off the Cliff. We think about the risk most of the time. What about the small things that we could enjoy together? A morning tea just the way we like, endless conversations, a few pranks, a forever friend, trying to cook something we don’t know how to, forgetting anniversary and then making up for it, going on a walk, sleeping on the roof top gazing stars, fighting and crying and realizing that hurting the other person is like hurting oneself. It would be a totally different world with ‘The One’.



“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


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