Things to do on Rose Day Here comes the Valentine week and it starts with none other than Rose Day.

Here comes the Valentine week and it starts with none other than Rose Day. Roses are not only Hieroglyph of love but also of other sweet emotions, depending on the colour.

Red rose is a symbol of love, yellow of friendship, orange of enthusiasm, white of purity and pink of joy.So what are you doing on Rose Day? Here are some ideas:


1)Fun Element: Love definitely makes us look someone with rose coloured glasses. How about making them as rosy as they seem to us. World is better with a bit of weirdness. We would create our own fashion statement with unique style. So here comes the Rose Prop - rose shaped glasses. Imagine people around wearing rose shaped glasses. It will be a fun style statement, quite expressive of the festivity and encouraging fraternity of doing something weird together. After all, a celebration doesn’t have to be enjoyed just by two of us when we can be all inclusive.


2)Outdoor theatre: A theatre in the on roof top where it’s only two of you or close group of friends and family. With food and drinks (rose wine may be), popcorn, blanket and anything that adds to your comfort zone. Lots of chit-chat and a laid back night with back to back movies sounds like an incredible time.


3)Bouquet: Well rose day is not just about romance. As mentioned earlier, colour of rose symbolizes different things. Hence how about a bouquet of different coloured roses, each attached with a cute card with beautiful messages for the people who you intend to give - friends, family, beloved and even yourself. With chocolates added to rose bouquet, will make it worth tasting.


4)Roseas a boutonniere and corsage: A flower can be worn by men and women, in different ways. On this special day, every guy can wear his favourite colour of rose as boutonniere and girls can wear it as corsage or pin up in their hair. This is best with a formal or semi-formal outfit.


5)Rose based kit: Gift them a whole rose based kit, be it cosmetics, toiletries, rose oil, etc. Since ages, roses have been used in cosmetics and also for medicinal purposes. It’s an essential part of self care and pampering.


6)Rose Room: A room fully decorated with roses and the floor covered in petals, with white curtains, rose oil lamps and morning sunlight, what else do we need for a soothing and peaceful day amidst of pleasant Aroma. A beautiful hideout for you away from the outside world.


7)Red Dress Code: It’s Rose Day and colour red is in. A dress code encourages collective celebration of an event. Be it any festival or formal event, an attire is an essential part of it. It’s the first thing that stands out and everyone in the same colour code is a unity in itself.


8)Romantic Dinner:Ambience matters when it’s Rose Day. Book a peaceful restaurant with romantic set up to spend beautiful time with your beloved. In this era of hustle bustle, there’s nothing as romantic as having delicious dinner in an environment pleasing to soul with someone we cherish.


Did You Know:


ü It takes two thousand roses to make 1 gram of rose oil.

ü A rose hip is a rose fruit which is rich source of Vitamin C. It’s used in jam, jelly and marmalade.

ü There are no natural black roses. The roses that appear black to the eyes are in fact dark red roses.

ü There is a private rose garden, Cavriglia in Italy, which has 7500 different varieties of roses.

ü There are over 4000 songs dedicated to roses.

ü What we call as thorns in rose bush are basically prickles and not thorns, which facilitate a climber type of rose bush to bond to the plants and protect the stem from herbivores.

ü Roses can have a very long life. World’s oldest living rose is believed to be 1000 years old. It’s located in Germany.


 "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."

- Abraham Lincoln


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