Know About Valentines' Week Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, Hug, Kiss, Valentines' Day

A.Rose Day - 7th Feb


Ring-a-ring-a-roses, pocket full of poses, and we all fall down - in love. Roses are best representation of love. Not just that they have mesmerizing fragrance with beauty, they come in various colours. Every colour of rose has a meaning. White and cream roses are for peace/new beginning/wedding, yellow for friendship, pink and peach roses are for admiration/gratefulness and red/orange roses are for love. Like love is a flux of pleasant and unpleasantness at times, pleasure and pain, belonging and longing to and for each other, roses have thorns along with it’s irresistible characteristics. Seeing the bright side, giving a particular colour of rose can make it easier for you by witnessing the response of the receiver. Why wait for seven more days when answer can be received early. And when it comes to love, holding your feelings in for a few more days seems like ages.



B.Propose Day - 8th Feb


It’s a day to gather your guts and spill out the truth. Let’s face it. It takes courage. The key is to not care about what the outcome is. To love, we don’t have to possess someone but if that person is also willing to continue the journey with us, it feels like heaven. According to some research, confessing makes one feel more credible and helps in freeing up from the ongoing thoughts of it. People who confess more have a tendency to face their fears. So it’s just not about whom you are in love with, it’s also about who you are and become as human being.


C.Chocolate Day - 9th Feb


Sweet is evergreen. We live in a country where all the festivals are celebrated with sweet cuisines, then why leave out the day that deserves most as love is the sweetest emotion. On another positive note, according to science chocolates are good for health. How about doing something different this year, consider dark chocolates or sugar free chocolates for better well-being of your loved ones. Dark Chocolates or Cocoa are rich source of anti-oxidants, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart diseases, is good for skin and improve brain functions.


D.Teddy Day - 10th Feb


Longing in love is well known to almost all of us. Having something to hold on given by our loved ones, especially, when we need them to be around but due to certain circumstances they can’t, a teddy bear is a saviour. Holding a teddy bear in a cold winter night gives us a sense of security and warmth of love. Why does your loved one has to sleep alone when you can’t be with him/her. It definitely won’t replace you (certain cases it might.. just kidding!), but will remind your beloved of you every time they hold it in their arms.


E.Promise Day - 11th Feb


Promise made is an acknowledgment of intention and promise kept is a virtue. Commitment is what gives us the security we deserve and long for. Everyone wants to be with someone who is as willing to go through all the seasons of life as them. It’s the proof of someone’s dedication. And ain’t love is more about dedication than sacrifice. It’s a call for formal expression to each other which leads to a turning point in our life.



F.Hug Day - 12th Feb


Hugging someone can pays off in many ways you might not even thought of. It’s just not a gesture, it’s a healthy natural replacement for pills intake. It releases a hormone called Oxytocin (cuddle hormone) which helps in better brain performance, healthier heart, building positive approach towards life, bonding and improved interpersonal relationships. Hugs are natural stress busters and pain reliever. They reduce nervousness as well. According to scientific findings, we need 4 hugs per day for better survival, 8 hugs for maintenance and 12 hugs for growth. It’s a non-verbal communicative approach to benefit our loved ones at multiple levels. So don’t shy away from giving and receiving hugs. It’s healthy.


G.Kiss Day - 13th Feb


A lot that we do has health benefits we are mostly unaware of. We just realize how we feel about it. Like hugging, kissing releases Oxytocin as well and promotes our well-being. It boosts our immune system, tones up facial muscles, relaxes us, helps in to lose weight (burns calories!), acts as a tool to pick the best mate, pacifies stress and more!


H.Valentine’s Day - 14th Feb


Needless to say, it’s the most awaited day. Started from west and travelled across in the eastern countries. Around 270 A.D., a cruel ruler, Claudius II, banned all the marriages and engagements in Rome because he discovered that Roman men were unwilling to join army due to their strong attachment to their wives and families. But St. Valentine, a holy Roman priest, continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Once discovered, he was executed/beheaded on February 14 during that era. Hence, this day has kept the essence of this martyrdom alive by celebrating love.

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