‘Experience’ as gift or ‘Tangible’ gifts ? What would you choose?

Imagine spending your life in a golden cage. You have everything, all amenities, all the goods of your desire and nothing else that you can think of buying. Your whole life is about collecting items with no view of the undiscovered world. On the other hand, along with basic necessities, you could travel around, do outdoor activities, avail of recreational stays as much as you want with your friends, family and partner. What would you choose? Your heart knows the answer. Any sane person wants to evolve. We seek because we know there is an undying craving in each of us to widen the horizon in our life. We are not here to settle for less. Human experience is a marvellous thing and ability to do it consciously, gives us more joy. Time well spent determines our overall perception of life. Since the day we have become conscious, we carry memories in every cell of our body. Investing in experiences is like favourite dessert after dinner. It completes the meal. So for the sake of fulfillment, worthwhile time spent does matter.


Offering Happiness understands basic human values and has created that platform where not only we could go for such experiences but also gift the people we care about the necessary gift and the most-awaited break from a mundane life. Our surprise packages and well crafted experience packages have tendency to make one of the most memorable time of your life and for your loved ones. Be it romantic gazebo time or birthday bash, bachelor/ bachelorette party, or any day of celebration, we make it possible for hearts to express in creative ways depending upon your pal's preferences - sporty, romantic, fun and many more. We provide for experiencing life through various recreational and adventurous activities as well such as bungee jumping, resort stays, spa relaxation, para-gliding, sun-rise and sun-set view, etc. Well, this is not all of it. If you are away and unfortunately, not around them on their special day, you still can make arrangements for it. We make it possible for you to gift them these ‘Experiences’ in Nepal. May be this will make your absence less felt for sometime!


However, tangible gifts also have their own charm. They are like souvenirs for us, especially, when it is given by a precious person. So why not a combo? They are like reminders which take us to those moments and days worth remembering, be it couple of pictures, a teddy bear or personalized items.


The major take on is gifting someone based on their personality type and preferences. It does not take much to know what our loved ones love. Be it ‘Experiences’ or tangible gifts, anything wrapped in the package of surprise will make their day a beautiful one.

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