Wooden Number Frame

Wooden Number Frame
Wooden Number Frame

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मन भित्रका अक्षरहरु काठमा कुँदिएपछि काठमा पनि फेरी ज्यान आउँदो हो !

Express the name that resides in your heart in a wooden board to make the name come to life! They mean something, no actually they mean so much to the one you give it to. It’s as if you carved their name in your own heart. What’s more important is, they don’t fade, they just stay in your home and in your memory lanes.

-Wooden name is a handcrafted word made in a wooden ply (2.5 cm breadth and 30 cm height).
-The word will contain photo collage of you and your loved ones.

**Free delivery also available in a radius of 3 kms from Ringroad**
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