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Offering Happiness is the best surprise planner this generation is going to see in Nepal who deviating from clichéd celebrations to creating magical memories with? musical dates, custom gifts, to sheer adventures of candle lit dinner, offering next-level of surprises for everyone you can think off in your life.

We hold the capacity of chartering a helicopter to Gosaikunda for a special anniversary surprise to proposing your loved one on the Mount Everest Base Camp. From small or big, from father to the child, from wife to the girlfriends we have surprises for everyone.

And specially in a work environment where work motivation matters the most, we provide surprises to corporate offices employees and plan special occasion offering happiness style with customized gifts and birthday celebration, so that you could let them know that you value them the most.

The world and especially Nepal needs to rejuvenate the power of appreciation and surprises, because this brings compassion and compassion brings peace. A simple effort of love and appreciation strengthens your bond with your partners on a greater level. And the objective of our company is to spread as much happiness as possible with surprises and appreciations with extravagant stunts.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to rejuvenate your years old “Love at first sight” and “luki luki tato chiya dates” with a romantic candle light dinner at a rather private setting with your wife right now? Or how about a badass bachelor’s party for your best bud with beer pong battles and beer kegs? Yeah, sleek right?

Offering Happiness also, offers you a wide range of awesome gift ideas with options for a personalized touch, and surprises ranging from acoustic songs to your loved ones while on a backpacking tour to baby shower surprises to a balloon fest on birthdays or by celebrating even the smallest bit of happy moments like your pet’s birthday or your wife’s pregnancy news!

Here, at Offering Happiness, we understand that everyone has their own definition of happiness and so we hold no bars to provide you with the best of moments and add that extra sparkle in the eyes and smiles of the ones you love.

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